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October 6, 2010 / kstanton11

BEADBOARD Positive vs. Negative Applications


In terms of my “decorating style” I would have to admit that I am all over the charts in what I favor the most. Ideally when i think of my perfect house I think of Diane Keaton’s perfect Hamptons beach house in the movie “Something’s Gotta Give”. I love that beachy country house feel to that home. My favorite feature in those types of homes would have to be Beadboard. Beadboard gives you classic clean lines and gives your walls extra visual interest. I believe that with everything in design you can definitely have too much of a good thing. Take the above pictures for example. The very top one is what I would consider a negative application of Beadboard. The floor to ceiling design is just too much for me. If this was used just on one wall as an accent, then the floor to ceiling might work for me. Unfortunately I think that wall to wall top to bottom Beadboard that is not only in one room, but carries on into the next is just too much, and becomes overwhelming to look at.

The Picture underneath however I believe is a stunning example of a great application of Beadboard. The best place to have beadboard would be in your kitchen or bathrooms, although can be put into any room. In doing the half wall or less application, it gives you more room to be creative and to make a beautiful design by using your top section in either a lovely wallpaper, tile, or just paint. It creates lots of visual interest and breaks up the look of the space without looking monotone.

Not only is this a beautiful product, it is also fairly simple to install, by either gluing or nailing into the wall. Below I have attached a video clip from YouTube on ways to install Beadboard.


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