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October 28, 2010 / kstanton11


Lighting. To many of us it seems to be unimportant, but it can be that one thing that will really make or break a space. Take my bedroom for example, it is in the back of the house so I get good morning sunlight but once it hits 2 pm the sun is in the front of my house, making my space rather dark. (Luckily I love the dark) My only other light source is one flushmount ceiling lamp and one side table lamp, neither which throw very much light. So the lighting is fine for some ambiance, but in terms of practical and useful lighting it fails majorly. I think it is one of the most important features in a space, that is not only there for practical reasons but beauty as well. Lighting is essentially the jewellery of a room (especially when you go super funky or elegant) Lighting can be a statement piece and even the focal point of a space if you so choose. My favorite, which unfortunately does not fit well into my room, would have to be chandeliers, especially crystal ones. They are fun beautiful and feminine, and they can give a boring room a serious update and infusion of sparkle. Some of my favorite lights I have come across lately are below.


modern chandeliers designs


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