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October 28, 2010 / kstanton11


Tired of the look of your old furniture, but cannot bear the thought of giving it away? I think many of us have had to deal with this dilemma, luckily there are soo many alternatives that you can do before you decide to toss away that old family heirloom. Refacing your old furniture may sometimes be timely but the end results let you keep your family heirloom, but have it updated and customized to your new style. There are several options. You could simply just change the handles knobs or pulls (on an armoire for example) or you could go one step further by sanding repainting or staining and changing the hardware as well. There is also SUPER fun and pretty decoupage and if you are really ambitious, mosaic tile work. Of course with all of the these I am generally speaking of wood furniture tables, chairs etc. But with upholstered items you could also use special fabric paint, cool distressing tricks or just a brand new batch of fabric! Pricey? Yes. Beautiful and totally worth every penny? Absolutely. In the world of decorating I love seeing before and after shots so here are a few of those done by D.I.Y guys.

Check out this one, how many of us cannot stand the look of our hideous filing cabinets, but sadly we still need them. Here is a great update!


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